KatyCATerpillar~lost in wonderland

Katy Cat.
I paint.
I create.
Always searching for new things to do, and learn.
Psychology fascinates me.
As well as Forensics.
I see beauty in the ugly.
Incredibly understanding.
(not sure wtf specifically goes here)
But I love cats..I love animals!!!
I love color.
Weird art is the best art. Surrealism.
Alice In Wonderland is my obsession.

Wonderland by Jaimi’s Playhouse - $20.00
Original Art Work by Katy. Of course Alice in Wonderland belongs to someone else=) 9x12 inch canvas. Mixed Media: Coffee, Oil Pastels, Watercolor, Newspaper. A small Alice In Wonderland inspired painting. I can take requests for this, or make another. You can ask for a different character, or anything you would like=) The background is a layer of newspaper over the canvas. Keep in mind that the canvas will have a slight bend to it because of the layer of newspaper, glue, and water. The leaves, and Alice are on a separate piece of thick watercolor paper. I put it on in a way that makes those parts pop out from the canvas. This will need matting if you are wanting a wood frame.
- Found on Storenvy
  • 1 July 2012