KatyCATerpillar~lost in wonderland

Katy Cat.
I paint.
I create.
Always searching for new things to do, and learn.
Psychology fascinates me.
As well as Forensics.
I see beauty in the ugly.
Incredibly understanding.
(not sure wtf specifically goes here)
But I love cats..I love animals!!!
I love color.
Weird art is the best art. Surrealism.
Alice In Wonderland is my obsession.

Sexy Sailor Costume by Jaimi’s Playhouse - $50.00
front side a has bow in the middle. If you have a cup size of D then you will definitely be spilling out. It’s a very thin silky material. . Never wore it. I think I was just so excited by how cute it was.. Trying to decide if I want to throw the sailor hat
  • 1 July 2012